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Offset Printer

Contact Printing Using a wide variety of lead-free, pigmented inks, Marvel contact printers provide high quality printing with superior color contrast and adhesion on steel, alloys, plastic, rubber, glass, wood and much more. No tools are required to operate Marvel offset printers. A quickchange type wheel makes message changeover fast and easy.

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Hot Print Branding

Contact Printing For permanent marking on extruded plastic products, Marvel Model 4015 Hot Print continuous rotary branders get the job done. These friction-driven systems are ideal when ink marking alone does not meet code requirements. Available in two styles, with or without foil, units use heated steel type to form a crisp indented mark that is permanently embedded in plastic pipe, conduit, and other in-line extrusions. The resulting mark is abrasion-resistant, making the product suitable for both outdoor and underground use.

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Reciprocating Coders

Contact Printing For intermittent coding operations, Marvel contact coders print logos, product codes, expiration dates, prices, and more on a variety of materials including corrugated, bottles, aluminum cans, glass jars, plastic bags, and metal parts. The versatile contact coder pulsar inks are pulsar inks are utilized for bright, high contrast marking on a variety of substrates and pigmented inks of any color can be custom formulated to work for specific application needs.

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Contact Printing The Stripe-It is a simple, clean & economical solution for tire identification. The Stripe-It places a continuous bright stripe on extruded treadstock without the mess associated with conventional striping methods. Although designed for tire applications, the Stripe-It can also be used for continuous web printing.

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Direct Printer

Contact Printing Marvel Direct Printers are designed for continuous printing on web materials, such as plastic film, sheet metal, wallboard, paper, foil and rubber. Using precision-molded rubber dies and high-contrast inks, it is an economical and simple solution for many coding applications.

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