Glass Marking Products

Grit Etching

Glass Marking Marvel manufactures Grit Etching Machines and Rubber Masks that are widely used throughout the glass, door, and window manufacturing industries for general logo marking, as well as for SGCC certification and thickness marking. Marvel's Grit Etching Machines are easy to operate, and provide crisp, clear, repeatable marks, with simple change-out operations for switching between types or glass thicknesses.

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Ink-Based Stamping

Glass Marking Marvel Marking’s Adhesive Backed Stamps allow flexibility in glass marking. Generally ideal for lower quantity marking, stamps can be used with ink or ceramic-based frit applications. Our rubber is produced for industrial use with industrial solvents in mind, keeping your mark sharp every time. Marvel customers use these for general glass logo marking, as well as to mark glass for SGCC certification requirements.

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