Marking for Glass

The glass marking process comes with unique challenges, whether you're manufacturing windows, doors or architectural glass. The information you need to mark varies as much as the material's thickness, style and shape. These facts mean you need solutions that can withstand rugged operating environments and provide clear marks that meet industry standards and regulatory guidelines.

Marvel Marking Products is a market-leading manufacturer and supplier of high-quality equipment for glass marking that can help your business reach those goals.

Our Solutions for the Glass Industry

We offer a comprehensive selection of glass marking equipment to meet your needs.

Our reciprocating coders are a popular option for marking glass containers. They work with various inks, and changing colors is fast and simple.

Choose the pneumatic contact coder for higher-volume production lines since it supports coding up to 160 items per minute. You can use Gentle Touch™ manual operation or integrate it with your other automated packaging solutions. 

Our grit etching systems are an excellent alternative to laser marking for glass with less potential for fracturing, which can lead to larger chipping issues. They're also perfect for tempered glass marking since their layout is friendly for flat glass panels.

We carry options ranging from hand-held models to ones capable of supporting high-volume production. Our systems rely on compressed air, which helps ensure even and consistent grit application. Couple them with our rubber masks for precision etching and quick change-overs that reduce idle time on your production lines.

Ink-based stamping is versatile and often ideal for lower-volume marking. Marvel Marking Products carries a range of stamps and inks for various applications.

Our adhesive-backed stamps feature durable rubber construction designed to handle industrial solvents without losing the ability to create crisp, clean marks. We customize your stamp to include your certification information and your company logos. 

We also have multiple inks available for use during the glass manufacturing process. Choose heat-activated ceramic frit-based inks to produce etched-looking or white marks during tempering. Self-drying ink in white or black creates a permanent mark on the inner surface during laminated glass production.

Common Applications and Use Cases for Our Glass Marking Products

Our customers choose Marvel Marking Products glass marking solutions for applications and uses like:

  • Adding their branding.
  • Marking expiration or best-by dates.
  • Labeling goods for identification, such as adding lot numbers.
  • Displaying Safety Glass Certification Council (SGCC) certifications or self-certification.
  • Listing pane thicknesses for laminated and tempered glass.
  • UL Marking for bulletproof and fire-rated glass products.

Why Trust Marvel Marking Products for Glass Marking Equipment?

Our history dates back to our founding in Pittsburgh in 1969, empowering us with over 50 years of expertise. We leverage our industry-specific knowledge, engineering skills and best manufacturing practices to produce innovative solutions that resolve modern marking challenges.

Our equipment starts with the highest-quality components and materials, which our craftspeople transform into durable, cost-effective systems. A dedication to exceptional customer service and support brings additional value to your partnership with us.

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