Print-A-Mark Stripe-It

General Information

Simplify your tire striping process with Marvel’s Print-A-Mark Stripe-It. The Stripe-It is an unbelievably simple, clean and economical solution for tire identification. The Stripe-It places a continuous bright stripe on extruded treadstock without the mess associated with conventional striping methods. Although designed for tire applications, the Stripe-It can also be used for continuous web printing.

The Stripe-It consists of a bracket assembly, which holds a one or four-liter bottle of ink equipped with a special cap and striping head, that easily mounts over the line. With no tools required, the unit easily adjusts for tread thickness to consistently apply stripes in a variety of colors and widths.

  • Varying width striping heads available
  • Simple, clean inking system
  • Bright, pigmented inks
  • Economical marking
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