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Marvel manufactures Grit Etching Machines and Rubber Masks that are widely used throughout the glass, door, and window manufacturing industries for general logo marking, as well as for SGCC certification and thickness marking. Marvel's Grit Etching Machines are easy to operate, and provide crisp, clear, repeatable marks, with simple change-out operations for switching between types or glass thicknesses.

All of our machines require an air compressor and 110v electrical hookup, except for the handheld Model 5152, which requires only compressed air. These machines are ideal for marking sheets of flat glass. Information on our most popular grit etching machines is listed below:

Model 603B

The Model 603B "Benchtop" grit etching machine is our most popular glass marking machine. This model is controlled using a foot switch, allowing for easy operation in a production environment.

Model 603B Parts List (exploded view)

Model 7991

The 7991 is the same base model design as the 603B, and includes a vacuum system for dust collection, making for cleaner operation. Excess grit is collected in a holding can to be reused. This is also considered a "benchtop" model.

Model 7991 Parts List (exploded view)

Model 5152

The Model 5152 grit-etching machine is designed for marking items in the field, or for shorter production runs. This handheld model requires the glass being marked to be oriented in a vertical position, whereas the 603B and 7991 are great for assembly line style production where the glass is laid horizontal, such as when it is coming off of an air table. The maximum marking area is approximately 2.5” wide x 1.4” tall. The Model 5152 is controlled using a hand trigger.

Model 5152 Parts List (exploded view)

Model 603B-H

Model 603B-H is built on the foundation of the model 603B (pedal operated, running on 110V and compressed air), but with a remote marking gun attached via a 10 foot long integrated airline and return tube. This machine was designed to mark glass that is vertical (or very nearly vertical, such as on a rack or vertical glass line), but it can also be used to mark horizontal glass on the top or bottom face.

Model 7995

The Model 7995 features a vacuum unit as well, and is what we consider to be a "floor model", as it has a larger footprint than the 603B/7991. These machines are popular with our high volume customers who etch larger layouts in their glass. This model is also controlled using a foot switch for operation. The maximum marking area is approximately 2.5” wide x 1.4” tall.

Model 7995 Parts List (exploded view)

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