Marking for Packaging

Packaging is crucial for more than just internally safeguarding goods. Its outside characters and symbols supply critical information, such as goods identification and handling instructions. Adding marking like coding helps support traceability, enhancing transparency and promoting compliance with regulatory or industry standards. Plus, marking for boxes, bottles, cans and jars is perfect for adding your company logo or graphics.

Marvel Marking Products is your source for crisp, clean, permanent and consistent marking across your packaging needs.

Our Packaging Industry Solutions

We develop and manufacture durable industrial marking equipment and accessories ready to meet modern packaging industry demands.


Our reciprocating coders are ideal for incorporating into your packaging operations. You can use them as stand-alone options or integrate them with automated systems for a total packaging setup. High-quality construction and clean inking enable fast, permanent marking for cans, bottles, boxes and more. Choose from various ink colors or select a model compatible with pigmented ink for high-contrast marking.

Offset printers are an excellent approach to marking for cartons, boxes, paper and more. The zero-type-contact design translates into less wear and tear on the type while still ensuring high-contrast and -visibility results.

Our offset printer models feature pigmented inks for application versatility and work in stand-alone or in-line implementation. Several roll sizes and inkwell capacities are available, and we carry sequential numbering units for fast, consecutive packaging marking. Marvel Marking Products' skilled teams also rebuild and repair these systems for additional value and longer service life!

Direct printers are a popular choice for handling paper and foil packaging as well as marking cardboard, plastic film, rubber and more.

We manufacture our direct printers with different printing widths on a 24-inch circumference type wheel, each capable of continuous printing of up to 600 feet per minute. These are compatible with various ink formulas and offer friction-powered operation for easy use and maintenance.

Marvel Marking Products has several indenting products that create precise marks for packaging like aluminum cans, cartons and chipboard boxes. 

Our selection of impact presses features compact footprints, making these machines perfect for either in-line or post-production integration. We manufacture them in manual or pneumatic styles, with both delivering more safety than hand-stamping workflows. Our inventory also includes precision-crafted steel dies and stamps for indenting, debossing and embossing applications.

Why Make Marvel Marking Products Your First Choice?

Marvel Marking Products is an experienced manufacturer and supplier of durable marking solutions and supplies. Our industry service began in 1969, supplying us with over 50 years of expertise to draw on to meet your diverse packaging marking needs.

Our selection is among the industry's most extensive, and many of our models offer optional upgrades or equipment to customize them to your application's demands. We're committed to exceptional quality, unmatched customer service and cost-effective pricing to maximize our value as your trusted partner.

Trust Marvel Marking Products for Your Packaging Marking Solutions

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